Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday Night Road Ride

The thursday night road ride went off for the first time this year. About 8-10 guys assembled (why no women? skeerd?) and rolled out just after 5:30pm. We will be moving the time to 6pm in a few weeks when it is light closer to 8pm.

We ride a 30 mile loop, which takes roughly 2 hrs after quick stops to regroup.

We rolled down the parkway and out into the country side. The ride was advertised as 18-19 mph and that is what we stuck to. For the first half hour, the ride was strangely quiet. It seemed as though everybody was nervous, of what I'm not sure. Maybe wondering if they had the fitness? Planning when they would attack? Missing the Thursday Night Gravel Grinder?

We rotated through the paceline, some taking long pulls, and some shorter. Everybody was working together as we neared one of the unofficial sprints, then Alan Brookshire took off up the hill like a lighting bolt.

Later in the ride, Kevin Hessler, Mike Squires and the rest of the Brookshire boys would all have their time off the front. And then there was the other Mike, who took his turn of steady pulls. Sam was absent, he said he had kid's soccer games to go to, I think he is in secret training and is going to come out this summer and lay the hammer down.

Through the fields and over the hills, dodging thunderstorms, riding in slight rain, cruising back on Hendersonville rd, a little mishap at a red light, and then bidding goodbye and hanging a right on the parkway. It felt good to be back riding with the group again. I look forward to many more.

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