Friday, March 23, 2012


About a dozen guys showed up for the ride Thursday night (still no women. why?) The Moots rep, Corey, was in town and several people saddled up on some nice Ti bikes. I opted to ride my trusty old Bianchi, because.... well just because.

We are attempting to keep this ride a friendly, re grouping ride, still plan on going fast and sprinting but regrouping and keeping the paceline steady. Last year things heated up and got a little crazy with less regroups happening. Those types of ride are fine and I am all for it.

For instance, the bakery ride on Saturday mornings. It is billed as "race pace, you better know your way home, or at least know how to find your way home". I like that too, it gives me incentive to hang on if I want help getting back up the river!

But Thursday nights are for a different kind of workout. And last night was a perfect example of that.

See you on Saturday!

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