Friday, March 15, 2013


 It was cold and as stated previously, I'm not riding in the cold anymore.  I blew off the first Thursday Night Liberty Road ride and stayed home instead.  But the time wasn't wasted, and there will be plenty more Thursdays. 

Instead of riding, I stayed home with the family,  harvested some bamboo from Eagledove Greenhouse, who just moved in down the road from us,  and built a fence around the garden.   It was a fun project with some way for everyone to help out. 

It was really cool, being outside, working together on something that will benefit everybody.   This fence encloses our garden and will provide some shade on the long hot afternoons,  a place for beans to climb, and keep soccer balls and kids from trampling the plants.
After finishing and cleaning up, I spent the rest of the evening looking at maps.  Waiting for the window of time and watching the weather.....

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