Friday, March 08, 2013


Ever feel like life is going by too fast?  The world is spinning and my feet are glued to it, and there does  not seem to be a way to stop it?

Playing soccer with the kid yesterday and watching him run after the ball was a way different feeling than doing the exact same thing 4 yrs ago.  Things in my life have become more complicated,  he has the full capability to think and make decisions for himself and I have the obligation to let him do that more on a daily basis.  In 8 yrs, he will be driving a car (if we still have that right),  I hope to do what I can to insure that he is prepared.

And so I look for my pause button.  It doesn't really pause everything, it just gives me a time out,  a place to regroup.  

I'm sitting here trying to plan my next adventure.  I can almost smell the moist spring dirt crunching under my sleeping pad.  The morning chill burning off at the mercy of the rising sun.  The feel of sweat running down my body as I spin the pedals then climb off the bike to push it up the steep grunt climb. 

I have 4 options and a 4 day window in the near future: Trans North GA, Palmetto Trail, Allegheny Mtns Loop and Pisgah Traverse.

The first two options present logistical barriers with shuttling, and the latter two could simply turn really cold.  I'll have to wait until closer to the time to figure out which one.   It always seems to work out and become very apparent which direction I should go.  Sometime not till the last minute.

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