Monday, March 18, 2013

Just Another Weekend

Saturday I drove out to the studios of Appalachain Bicycle Institute.  At one point in my life I looked into the Appalachian Bible Institute,   be assured that the former is preferable.   I had signed up for the wheel building class and that is what I learned. 

Jenny sat us down at a table piled high with nipples, spokes, hubs and rim, and put us to work.  I got the entire first wheel laced up and things didn't look right,  with some of the spokes sticking out farther than others.   We located the mistake, about 1/4 way into the build so I had to take it apart.

Then I was discouraged and the self doubt crept in.   I had an internal argument and stuck with it.  Just like anything we do, we occasionally hit a wall and have to back up and take a break.  I ended up getting the rest of the build, then moving to the rear wheel without a hitch.  I came away with some great pointers on truing as well.

Jenny fed us a wholesome lunch and gave us the time and instruction we needed to be competent wheel builders.  I can't wait to get back into The Bicycle Thrift Shop and work on some of those wheels.

I got home on Saturday in time for a ride so found Matt Dinsmore and road up Elk Mountain together.  A chill easy pace with good conversation.

Sunday ,  I pedaled over to Biltmore Square Mall to watch the roadies beat up on each other.  Jay Middleton is in the pink Hoffenchard kit.   He broke away with another dude,  who it appeared didn't want to work together, so they got caught.   I don't know why.

I headed home, took the family for a hike, and then went about getting ready for this week.  It was a great chill weekend and good to spend time with my family.  I love them!

If you have not heard: I-9 Wheelset Raffle to Benefit Trips For Kids WNC.  
Only 100 tickets at $20 each,  very good chances.

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