Friday, March 22, 2013

So Cold.. but trying not to complain

I keep waiting for a warmer day.  I put off riding, even on the rollers, knowing it will be here soon.  The trees are budding and the daffodils are blooming but now frozen,  and spring is here but the temperatures disagree.

I convinced myself that I needed to ride so I layered up and rode out to Liberty Bikes for the Thursday road ride.  No one showed.  Kevin and I were left to ride alone and we chose an alternate route.  A shorter route, and a route with less wind.  We were out for about 1.5 hrs, and that was just enough.

I am tired of the cold, but definitely trying not to complain.  My mind and body ache for sunshine like we had this past weekend. My skin yearns for some solar warmth.  It might be time to migrate to some warm temps for a while..........

Coming home to black bean and rice soup was great!

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