Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I mixed it up a little bit and started the Run Club For Boys at Oakley Elementary School. ( this was in addition to bike club at the same school).  We had 10 boys sign up for the first ever Run Club For Boys. 

Over 8 weeks, each week we worked on stretching, push ups/sit ups/ and pull ups,  a timed run, and fartleks,  typically ending with some sort of fun relay race, duck duck goose and then some play ground time.

Each week, the boys pushed themselves and each other to a personal best. 

Since we had different levels of runners and ages, I was careful to keep the competition between the boys out of the equation.  I wanted each one to challenge themselves and to encourage each other.

The final day of Run Club came around,  my goal for the participants was to run a 5 k distance:  15 laps around the track behind the school.  I was a little concerned about setting the bar too high, but when I told them the idea, everyone was game to give it a try. 

And so they set off.  I was excited to see that several parents and relatives came out to cheer the kids one. 

One by one, the kids ticked off the laps.  I put a mark by the names each time a kid ran by.  I was impressed to see that one boy who had struggled, finished in front of the group. 

I was equally impressed when all except one of the kids had finished.  The last kid had one lap to go.  He was still smiling though.  Through each session I had talked about good sportsmanship and encouraging each other.  I was excited when I looked up and 1/4 of the way through the first lap,  one of the kids was running along...then another and another,  until the whole group was running together for the last lap!!  They all crossed the finish together as a group.


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