Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Weird Dreams

I haven't been updating here much recently,  although I am updating more than I'm riding my bike....

The house remodel project of the decade is in full force and I'm learning all kinds of new skills and brushing up on others.  I will say that rock work takes patience and skill. 

I guess I'm pretty worn out, because I have been sleeping almost all night long and having some strange dreams. 

Two nights ago, I dreamed that I was in a Blue Ridge Parkway visitor's center/ office building and some kid with a revolver started shooting.  Chaos ensued and I got our safely, only for the kid to pop up right next to me.  Again I escaped, and again the kid popped up.  This cycle happened several times before the dream ended or I woke up. 

Last night, I dreamed that the kid and I were at a lake somewhere.  There were canoes in a rack, so the kid and I took one for a spin on the lake.   What followed was someone calling the cops,  me getting arrested and then going to jail for 5 months until my court date rolled around. 

What in the world? 

Maybe I need a vacation.

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