Monday, November 25, 2013


Lot's going on right now, just not much to write home about, so to speak.  Getting ready to get our roof redone, lose the shingles and replace with metal roofing to match the newer part of the house.  Only 600 sq feet to roof, but things keep popping up; weather, helping a friend with his roof, etc.    

Running is going well.  After last weekend's big hike, I cannot stop thinking about the Art Loeb Trail.  30.1 miles through Psigah up and over the Blue Ridge Mountains from Brevard NC, to Daneil Boone Boy Scout Camp.  I feel confident that I can do it in one push,  ie less than 24 hours.  Now I just have to figure out timing. Winter or summer?   Definitely not until the roof is finished.  

I have been on a couple more night runs and find myself looking forward to the next one.  That gets me excited.  It is a different, beautiful world out there after dark and I don't want to be held back from enjoying it.  It's my life and I want to be the one who is in control of it.  

That about sums it up right now.  I'm looking forward to more adventures soon!

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