Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Sometimes I get a little frantic.  Worried that I because of my own pursuits I won't be able to share enough experiences with the kid.  In my mind I start trying to figure out how to squeeze in all of the activities, camping trips, hiking, running, climbing, riding, paddling etc.  It becomes impossible pretty quickly. 

Last night, the kid and I went to the Iron Palm Bouldering gym in Asheville.  Newly opened, with a ton of routes.  I regret selling my La Sportiva Mythos several years ago, but they probably would have dry rotted by now. 

We had a blast,  the kid was non stop.  I would watch him climb, give him some pointers then try the route myself.  After down climbing, I turned to tell him to give it a go.  He would be gone.  I looked around the gym to see him on the other side, climbing something else.  Non stop for over an hour! 

Pretty exciting to see the kid fall in love with this sport! 

Can't wait to go again.

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