Thursday, May 07, 2015


The past 2 weeks have been pretty amazing.  There have been ups and downs as usual, but some really cool and unexpected things have been happening. 

The happenings revolve around The Bicycle Thrift Shop,  a resale store that I operate.  I have been looking for additional space for storage for about 1 yr now.  That just opened up 2 weeks ago, in the same complex where the shop is located.  In fact, 2 units opened up, side by side on the street side, instead of around back.  After some quick negotiations with the landlord, we settled on a price that worked for both of us.  

Last Wednesday, Alec,  started volunteering at the shop.  He is going to be working on Wednesdays which will free me up to do some more bike clubs!! 

Last Sunday, with the help of Jen, the wife, the kid and 4 guys from the Western Carolina Cycling Club, we moved everything to the new location. 

Monday evening, Alex and Ian helped me schlep some heavy double glass doors around the building.  I started installing those doors for the new store front on Monday morning.  I was bumbling around, making slow headway.  The neighbors showed up,  construction workers, and less than 1 hr later, the doors were installed. 

Wednesday, we opened the shop, Alec got work helping out and getting stuff done, and then Pete and Sarah showed up and told me to put them to work!  

This is what gets me excited:  people doing what they enjoy doing, because they care about the community! 

Amazing times with amazing people!

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