Tuesday, May 26, 2015


 Friday - Sunday I spend my time at The Mountain Sports Festival.  I loaded up most of the gear from The Bicycle Thrift Shop,  and moved it all to Carrier Park for our annual Used Bike and Gear Sale.  This is a great fundraiser for us and an excellent way to spread the word about what Trips For Kids WNC does. 

 When Monday rolled around, I we were wiped out, so we decided to go chill at the lake.  The wife and kid rented a paddle boat while I sailed.  The wind was steady and brisk, so they passed on sailing this time.  I got to spend time with another little 10 yr old, helping him fine tune his sailing skills.  His mom asked if I was a teacher.  I suppose I am.  I love sharing my passions with others,  enabling them to create their own experiences.  Riding bikes and sailing are high on the list of passions. 

Got a busy couple of weeks ahead leading up to the Kaboom playground build,  getting things ready for the summer ride program, and all the other stuff that I spend my time doing!  

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