Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What I Do

I often get comments from people who are not quite sure what I do:  "Wow, you ride your bike a lot",  "Do you have a full time job?",  "Do you work at a bike shop?",  "What do you do all day?"  Etc.   There is some sort of assumption that all I do is ride my bike and drink coffee.  Ok,  part of that is because that is about all I post pics of on Facebook.  But,  I really don't think you want me to post a pic of me in another meeting, or sending another e-mail,  or answering another phone call,  or writing another trip in my calendar. 

So,  here is a peek into my daily life.  Yesterday is a great example. 
Wake up, get coffee,  do computer/e-mail/pay bills etc ( office work), take the kid to school, take the truck to get the oil changed, squeeze in a 1.5 hr bike ride, get a shower and lunch,  visit some bike shops to pick up donations,  order a bike to give to a girl who cannot afford one, head to The Bicycle Thrift Shop to work on bikes, open the shop and get ready for The Used Gear and Bike sale at Mountain Sports Festival. Close the shop and take bikes to Regeneration Station for our booth there, head home to spend 45 minutes with the wife over dinner before she heads to work,  take the kid back to Regeneration Station so he can get a wheelie bar for his Razor Scooter,  head to a friend's house to fell a 40 ft dead oak so it won't fall on his house, car or head,  head home, help the kid with homework, hang out, go to bed. 

Insert ride outings, bike club support, meetings etc toss it in a hat and shake it up.  Each day is different, some days I don't get to ride, other days I get to ride more. 

I love my job and it is infused in my daily life.  If it looks like I'm not working, it is because I am good at having fun,  and my job is fun!  I'm always working!!  

I might start a ride along program if anyone wants to join me!

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