Monday, May 04, 2015

PMBAR 2015

 Somehow I suckered Rick Daniel into hauling hot dogs, coke etc up to what was formerly called Presley Gap and will henceforth be referred to as Hot Dog Gap.  We met at the Horsestables loaded up and struggled up Clawhammer and Maxwell.  It took us about an hour,  probably faster than most of the later PMBAR racers at the end of the day. 

 Our Siren John Henry's did an amazing job.  We got to the gap around 11am and got organized.  Shrimper was there waiting for us to take over policing the off limits trail.  When I pulled out the dogs and  charcoal,  he suddenly decided he had nowhere to go, anytime soon.  Occasionally some tourists would ride by, giving us some good additional entertainment.

After a while, Shrimper left us alone.  Rick headed down the off map trail to check it out and reported that it was overgrown and did not seem to be a good option.  Tom K rode into the gap armed with a pack of Oreos to share.  He hung out for a while and helped us heckle. 
 After 3pm, traffic finally started to pick up.  We kept dogs on the grilled and handing out cold drinks.  I listened to stories of weary travelers, hoping to find grilled cheese at Yellow Gap and being let down when there were none.  Folks should know not to count on anything at PMBAR, other than self support. 

We had decided to leave around 5:30pm, but hungry people kept riding up, so we just kept grilling.  we figured that the more we handed out, the less weight we would have on the way back down. 
Overall it was  a great day out in the woods.  But, the change of location, had me thinking about next year.... maybe its time to give the race a try.

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