Friday, May 08, 2015


 Just another ride with a bunch of friends.  Matthew Busche showed up to ride.  It was cool to see him sit in with the group and not try to hammer us all.  Super  friendly guy. 

As usual, I hung on as long as I could and then dangled.  Once I get dropped, I usually try to stay within sight.   Typically, not always,  the group will not leave me if they can see me.  

Tonight's weather was a welcome change from last week.  After getting rained on, getting cold and calling the wife for pick up,  we completed the entire route tonight, hot and dry. 

Jane Burlew asked if I was going to take the hilly route home.  I told her no, because I was worn out from moving the shop this week.  5 minutes later, Taylor stated that he was going that way if anyone wanted to join.  Dang it.  I prefer the route over the rolling hills of Hendersonville rd, so I told Jane that if she went, I would too.   Taylor, Andy, Chris, Jane, Gary and I peeled off.  

 I was pleased with my fitness tonight but relearning some pedaling techniques that had faded over time was sapping some strength.   I'm glad that I had the opportunity to go spend some time with Eddie O'dea and glean some knowledge.  It makes a huge difference. 
After getting dropped, I still pushed on, up and over the ridge, and then home via the parkway.  Such a cool place we live in.  Even when I'm dropped and depleted, I'm glad to be out on a ride! 

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