Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday Night Track Race

It was a fun time. The C category had 3 races: 6 lap scratch- the peleton races 6 laps, first one across the line wins. I suffered here. I realized after the 1st lap, that I was severely under geared. Meaning that for every rotation of the cranks, my bike traveled, on average, 10-20inches less distance than my competitors. I came in next to last out of 20.

The next race was the 10 lap- Point-a-Lap: the first person across the line each lap, gets one point. Knowing that I had no chance in the sprints, as soon as the whistle blew to signify the start, I took off. The solo breakaway lasted about 3/4 of the lap until everyone blew past me.

The 3rd and final race was the points race. 12 laps, every 3 laps the official rings the bell, signifying that on the next lap, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th person across the line get points. So, out of 4 sprints for points, I was able to hang in there for some 3rd place points on one lap.

Over the course of the night, I gain quite a bit of confidence, and was able to get a better feel of riding on the track. I have ridden fixed gear on the track less than 10 times. I also need to get a bigger gear so I don't have to spin as fast to keep up.

I had a lot of comments, some quite funny, but the one I keep thinking about is that Jim McMillan came up to me to ask what gear I was running. He told me they had bets going as to what I was running.

Have a great day


Frank O said...

It was great racing with you last night. I had a blast. Sorry I had to bridge that gap to you on one of the point-a-laps. All good racing fun!

Julie said...

Stephen, I did get a couple of photos of you from the races the other night.But, don't know the best way to get them to you. Let me know, Jim White (