Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Track Racing

The weather turned cold, but the races were smoking. I am the only guy on my team, but fortunately, the C category is combined with the women. I had 3 female teammates last night. We worked well together, getting to the front, sitting up whenever one of our own attempted a break away!! None of us has the stamina to keep the gas on, yet, so we always got caught.

My bigger gear was better although as I am using more power, it will take some time to get used to. I did manage however to take 2place points in one of the 4 sprints in the points race. This put in in 6th place out of 17 for that race. Sweet!!

Before the race, I had to run to the trees to take care of last minute business. When I came back to the gate on the backstretch, there was a pro looking guy sitting on his geared bike. My friend Darren asked him about his kit ( cycling outfit) and asked if he road for Bissell. The guy said yes. It was Ted King. He had just ridden in the Tour de Georgia. I didn' t have time to talk, but introduced myself and took off to line up for my race.

Today I get to take Jubal to the dentist. Rhonda has done it for the 1st three and a half years of his life, and asked me to take him today. Apparently he hates it as much as me, and has to be held down to keep from running away. Should be some fun father/son times!!!

Have a great day.


ExtrmTao said...

Just think, in a few years he will be the one holding you down in the chair 8-)

Frank O said...

yeah....these pros are a dime a dozen in Asheville. don't tell anyone though. i'm a pro at being a non-celebrity. it is the perfect life style because nobody bothers me. :-) I'm not sure what all this means, but its been great racing with you at the track....i had a bad night last gear was too big...running a 90. I'm going back to an 88 inch.