Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm taking my training up a notch. I realised this year, that while I have improved my skill, and nutrition, I have leveled off in the fitness arena. At this point in my cycling career there are a couple of options. I could hire a coach to guide me through a training program. If I hired a coach ( which I simply don't have the money for) he/she would most likely want me to get a good heart rate monitor (HRM).

An HRM is a handy tool that monitors the heart rate, obviously. But it does more than than. It averages the heart rate for the day, week and month. It can be programmed to sound an alarm if I go over a certain HR or below an HR. It can also be programmed for intervals or tempo rides etc. It seems like a pretty cool tool.

Now I have to figure out how to use it!!

I am actually reading through the instruction manual. The manual tells me to do the Fit-Test: walk around a 1/4 mile track 4 times to total 1 mile. The HRM will then tell me what my current fitness is and we will take it from there.

Have a great day!!

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