Sunday, October 19, 2008


This weekend was The Lake Eden Arts Festival here at Camp Rockmont. Rhonda worked 7-3 Saturday and Sunday, so Jubal and I spent most of the weekend hanging out together. We both wore our Carhatt overalls which was of course really cute. Since I hate pulling the camera out for every cute moment though, we don't have proof.
We do have evidence of a tree person playing an accordion:
We had a lot of fun, and now we are tired and back to school and work.
I rode my bike in today. I almost didn't, at 35 degrees on the thermometer, but then remembered how much worse the race would be if I didn't ride this week.
Have a great day!!!!
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jimbo said...

rubbing it in, I see...I wanted to have my picture made with the Tree Goat or Moss man or Lichen Dude...