Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Fence

We are in the process of moving fences at our house. In the past 4 years, the house behind us sold twice, the house to our right sold twice, the lot behind and to the right sold twice, and the lot behind that lot sold once. The house to our right is being remodeled to be sold yet again, the lot behind and to the right has been divided into two equal portions and is going to have two houses built to be sold.

In the process of all this, along with about 5 different surveys, we discovered that we own a little more property than we thought we did. It's not huge, about 75ft x 75ft x20 ft, but enough to put a fence around and make more playroom for the dog, the kid and of course the mommy and the daddy!!!!

Training is going well, I was feeling feisty this morning so I pushed it a little bit on the way to work. My legs are feeling good, and I'm looking forward to racing somewhere new on Sat.

Have a great day,

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