Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ah yes, cooler weather has arrived, and so has the season of wood fires to heat the house.
Tuesdays is one of the two day each week that I drive to work. Tuesday is a day off the bike as well, so I take my chainsaw with me. After work I stop by my local sawmill on the way home, to pick up free scraps of wood. Last night's haul is chopped and stacked on my porch, ready to burn.
At Camp Rockmont we have a homesteading program, part of which is a large garden that is tended to year round. Jon, the homesteading guy regularly brings veggies from the garden to the office. Yesterday, he brought some Poblano peppers. I decided I was going to stuff some and eat them. I settled on my own simple variation of a recipe for the grill.
After a delicious dinner of rice with grilled venison, zucchini, sweet potato, and onion kabobs, I sat down to cut the peppers open and clean them out. Then I cut some slivers of onion and chunks of cheddar cheese. I stuffed the peppers, put the lids on, held them in place with the kabob skewers.
I laid them on the grill, turned them a couple of times. You know they are ready when they start to char and blister.
The result, yowzah, I can't wait to make some more of these!!!
Have a great day.
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