Thursday, October 16, 2008


My race season is not over yet. I'm tired and I cringe when I think about long rides, but I still love to ride long, so I'll continue to cringe and continue to ride!!!

Next up is the National MTB Oktoberfest in Davidson NC, near Charlotte. I'll be doing the 8hr Endurance race on Saturday. If that is not enough to get you out there, Tinker Juarez will be there racing me for the prize. And Jeremiah Bishop has the event listed on his calendar!!!

Hmm, can I get some Harlan Price? Maybe?

Who wants some?
Edit: Appearently fellow WNC resident Andy Applegate wants some!! Bring it!!

I'll be there representing World Bicycle Relief, stop by my pit stop for some brochures and stickers to help spread the word!!

Have a great day

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Cara said...

we'll see you there, stephen! andy is signed up for the 8 hr race... i'm thinking about doing the short track friday night... :-)