Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hot Doggett 100

For once I finished a ride!!!

This is gonna be short because nothing exciting really happened, other than actually finishing.

I got to the start, picked up my packet, changed and rolled down to the start line. I contained myself and took it easy on the climbs. When the lead group took off after 5 minutes, I didn't even try to keep up. I pulled over after 15 minutes because my seat was twisted to one side, fixed that and got going again. Rode with a group of guys who were taking it easy. I was feeling good, and I was sweating.

I had come to this ride nervous. Nervous that I would not finish. So I was really keeping tabs on my effort and keeping it under control.

Then it hit: 2hrs and 15 minutes, the nausea hit and stayed with me for the rest of the day.

I'm starting to wonder if there is more going on than nutrition. Maybe I'll schedule a doctor's appt.

Back when I lived in Shelby, NC, where I started learning how to really ride, I would go for 4-5 hr rides with the locals. They were, and still are, a bunch of hammerheads. One time I caught a couple of them talking, kind of whispering, and I realised that they were trying to drop me. They just wanted to push me a little bit. ( I didn't get dropped....that day). All I would take with me would be a bottle of water, one of Gatorade or GU2O, and some gels and a power/clif bar. Shelby is ATL or CLT weather, hot and muggy. I don't ever remember having these problems. So, I am really wondering if something else is going on inside my body.

It is good to have Namrita working with me though. Every time I get back from a ride, I send her my info and she analyzes it and gets right back to me. And she hasn't given up on me, which I really appreciate. My gut, (pun intended) tells me that we are going to dig to the bottom of this.

The good thing was that I was able to manage the sick feeling. I was able to keep riding, easy pace, and made it to the end. Miles 70-95 were pretty rough mentally, but it helped that there were other people out there to chat with now and then.

101 miles, 7h 20 min.

My legs felt great, just not my gut.

So, on to the next of these times it's gonna happen!!

Have a great day

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Jut Rut said...

stomach ulcers? a good friend and strong racer was having stomach issues this year. he felt good on every ride as far as lungs and legs go but was getting sick and throwing up during races and when he was pushing it. he went to a doctor and found it was stomach ulcers that were causing the problem. just a suggestion.. i am no doctor..