Sunday, July 26, 2009


Before I get to the story of the race, let me tell you about my bike. The bike is simply the best bike ever!! I was bombing downhill. For the first time ever, I didn't have people behind me trying to get past. I was the one trying to get past. The bike is so stable and smooth, that all I do is point it downhill and it goes. My forearms don't ache from hanging on, and with the higher bottom bracket clearance, I can take some sweet lines. Another cool thing is that I don't get the rear wheel bucking action that I have had on previous smooth!!!

So, thanks to my team Siren-WBR, and to my sponsors, my support team, and all the other great people who keep me motivated. You guys rock.

Well, another DNF for the resume. Man, this is getting old, but what do I do? "I love to ride my bicycle."

I think that a lot of things are going on. I don't think that I can really point to one reason for this trend, but I will say that heat is a major player. And it is something that I will have to continue to learn how to deal with. With Rhonda working weekends, and me working a desk job complete with air conditioning, it is virtually impossible to do any heat acclimatization rides. Oh yeah, and it has not been really hot up here this summer.

I think that my calories and electrolytes were right on today. I was sweating the entire time, and didn't have any "hunger pains".

I also think that not spending much time training at tempo pace has a lot to do with how my body reacts.

The process does get frustrating at times, but I'm still enjoying the challenge. So, a day off the bike then it's back to the drawing board.

But for now, I'm going to enjoy the ride!

Have a great day.

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