Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthday Ride

We got together with few family members to pool our money together so that we could get Jubal a new bike for his birthday.  He has been riding a little bike for two years now and he had out grown it.  He was really off balance, and while he handled it well, it was holding him back. 

Jubal and I went to Liberty Bikes to test ride it a couple of weeks ago.  Anytime we go to Liberty, he always tries out the kids bikes set up on the stationary racks.  That day though, we took one of the bikes outside!!  He looked so smooth and stable,  not wobbly like on the little bike.  I paid for the bike then and there, without him knowing. 

I had to wait for 3 weeks to bring the bike home.  It was hard.  I was so excited.  To be able to give this gift to him, so that he could progress, and we could spend that time together. 

So the 19th finally rolled around. His birthday is the 20th, but we had to celebrate on the 19th due to conflicting plans.  He mentioned that his birthday was the 20th and I told him we could wait if he wanted to.  He didn't want to.

I got off work early (thanks to my cool bosses) and headed to Liberty to pick it up.
The smile says it all:
His reaction was great.  It was like he was hallucinating. He couldn't believe that it was his. 

So, we loaded up and headed to the loop out at Azalea park.  The first part of the ride, he was so enthralled with the stability and the speed of the bigger wheels.  The second part of the ride, he was more relaxed and started getting real chatty!!  Good times.
By the end of the ride, he had slowed down.  He mentioned that his legs were tired and that he was hungry.
We loaded up and headed to Texas Roadhouse,  his choice for his birthday dinner.  We had never taken him there before, but he had a coupon for a free kids meal.   He picked the Kraft Mac and Cheese with steak fries covered in cheddar and bacon.  

Have a great day!!


Nolan LaVoie said...

That's so awesome!!! It wont be long and he is going to be dropping you on the climbs!

Chris said...

Word! That is so cool. Trek green even -- does it have a CC headset?!

Happy birthday Jubal, and good pick on dinner -- I love throwing the peanuts on the ground!