Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Everyday I get up, I think of it as a chance to try it again.  New experiences doing the same things means the opportunity to try it a little bit differently, to see if I might be able to improve just a little bit. 

Yesterday's ride to work was pretty fun.

I woke up around 3 am to hear the pouring rain pounding on our metal roof.  When I woke up again at 6am, it was still raining.  I had every intention of getting up, but when I woke up at 6:20am, I realized I had overslept. 

I got up and the rain was still falling.  Checking out the weather map, it looked like it would clear up later.  It is a lot easier to ride to work in the rain, knowing that the ride home would be clear.  My concern was the low visibility due to the heavy downpour. 

I asked Rhonda if I should ride. She said" Only if you want to get drenched".  Well,  who doesn't want to get drenched?  That combined with the downpour letting up to a soft rain, helped me get on the bike and out the door. 

Some of my co-workers think I am crazy.  I told them it is fun to ride in the rain, they told me that they would never find out.  Some of my other co-workers understand. My boss ran the Black Mtn Marathon in Feb, 2 others ran a 50 miler a couple of weeks ago, and another couple is running a 50k this weekend.

I ran  the Run For Peace marathon in Charlotte a long time ago.  My training was going great until 2 weeks out.  I finished my long run, got showered and changed and realized that something was wrong.  My ITB band hurt really bad.  2 weeks later I started the marathon on a clear cold morning, and finished 6.5 hrs later in the snow.  

May and June are wide open for me right now.  With Cowbell Challenge not happening, I'm trying to find something to ride/race.  There are  a couple of events happening, but my schedule conflicts.  Maybe I'll just go do some long rides around here.

Whatever I do, I'm going to try to improve a little bit each time I do it....never give up.

Have a great day.


Chris said...

You and me both -- although I've got some travel coming up. Nothing really scheduled until ORAMM though ... you in for some training rides? I'm sure the women and Jubal can find something to do :-)

My name is Stephen said...

heck yes,