Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday Dirt

I headed out to Bent Creek for some mountain bike action last night.  The air was humid and the trails were dry.  In an effort to be social, I hooked up with Gordy, Than, Stephen, Steve and another guy.  It was a fun, laid back group.  A little too laid back for what I had on my training plan though.  I rode with them for about and hour and the parted ways.

I was feeling good and could tell that I was getting stronger.  I was climbing faster with a lower RPE (rate of perceived exertion).  I was sweating, maintaining my core heat, and basically enjoying the ride. 

The foliage is thickening and turning a darker green.   The sky was bright blue with giant puffs of white clouds.  The humidity was high, but the air was cool.  I have learned that even though the air is cool, with high humidity, I can still overheat. 

I made my way up to Bent Creek Gap then turned around and came back down to Sidehill.  Sidehill is a fun trail that winds back and forth around the contours of the mountain.  With a couple of stream crossings, and some good views of the forest falling away below. 

At the bottom of Sidehill, I headed up the gravel road to Hickory Top.  I took this trail to Five Points and took a minute to decide if I had time to head up to Green's Lick.  I decided not to tonight.  As I headed down Ingles Field, I was feeling good.  I let the Siren glide down the trail, aiming for rocks and roots instead of hitting the brakes to slow down and pick a smooth line around them. 

Back at the parking lot and feeling good, I loaded up and headed home.  2.5 hrs on the dirt felt great.

Have a great day.

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