Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have an Ego?

Aid Station #2- already hot.

As hard as I try to be humble, the ego still creeps in and tells me how great I am,  when really I am not.  Someone commented that having to quit a race is a huge blow to the ego.  And that is exactly where my head was spinning yesterday.  My body was fine, except for a lingering headache.  I didn't want to sell my bikes and actually wanted to ride yesterday, just didn't have time.  It was my ego.  I convinced myself that I could do it, and even left a little room for failure, but didn't focus on it. 

I think that is how it should be though. If I spent my time focusing on how I would fail, what I would do next etc,  there would be so much wasted energy.  My focus was on the goal and I do not regret that.  

We have been teaching Jubal to "never give up".   I realized when I pulled the plug, how difficult it was going to be to tell him that that was not entirely the way to go.   Actually,  the telling part is not that hard,  I was hoping that he would comprehend. 

I had a conversation with a friend who said this, "He also needs to know that you must count the cost . Having a living dad is better than a dead one . When you have loved ones depending you ; discretion is the wise part of valor".
Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, family is more important for sure. Mine are 5 and 2. And I could've been the one in the ER had I kept going. I wanted to race it this year, go balls out, and I totally crapped out on CC, so I hammered it to the top for some extra training before the heat exhaustion really set in, then chilled at the top a few and bailed back down CC to my car.

Let's face it, that race is miserable. The ride is beautiful and I've never had problems riding it solo w/only my camelback as an aid station, however, I've raced 4 times now and only finished once back in '03 and then I finished 33th overall. Hot dawg I was stoked. But it was 70 degrees and drizzly rain w/thick gray clouds all day. The CC aid was misty and HB ridge perfect. The other years have been hot and sucked a$$

10 years, maybe it's time to switch it up. I vote for an Autumn rescheduling of this event. All in favor....


My name is Stephen said...

I hear ya, 5 yrs ago was my first, it felt like air conditioning at the top of CC and all along the parkway! I think I'll be volunteering next year.