Monday, August 23, 2010


Feeling blah this morning.  Trying to spin positive perspective on the day. 

The weekend was mostly good.  I stayed off the bike and spent as much time as I could with my family.  This week. 

Saturday rained most of the day.  We took it easy and played Monopoly.  The kid loved it.  For 2 hrs we rolled the dice and purchased property.  Then is was Shindig on the Green.

Sunday, we decided to  go on an adventure.  Go somewhere new, explore something different.  Down Hwy 9 there are a couple of gravel pull-offs.   Once while riding my bike out that way, I stopped and asked about the trails and got some good info.  About a 20 minute hike down to the river and another 15 minutes to some waterfalls.  Sounded perfect.

We parked and the owner of the land pulled up and gave us some details, told us to have fun.  He seemed nice.  We hiked down, into the lush green forest.  Down to the river, then upstream to the falls, stopping for a snack of PB&J and beef jerky. 

We got to a little hole above some falls and home made rock throwing games ensued. We found a frog and some snails.   We breathed deeply the fresh air.  We soaked in the sunshine and forgot about everything else happening.  At some point we decided we should start heading back.  We wanted to pull out Monopoly again, if there was time. 

Backtracking, we headed back up the trail.  As we got close to the truck I heard voices and what sounded like car doors slamming.   When we got to the truck, there was no one in sight.  I got a funny feeling in my gut and walked cautiously to the drivers side.   Looking through the window to the passenger side, I discovered the shattered window.   I opened the driver's side door to see what was missing.  The only thing they took is a wool army surplus button down jacket, that was super warm and great for cutting wood.......well, that and a little more of my sanity. 

I called the Sherrif's dept to file the report, which we did over the phone.  I was told that the only officer available was about 1 hr away. 

So, on to Monday.  I'd like to proclaim this week an International Drama Free week.  Please, leave me alone.  If you have a grudge, a bone to pick, if you wanna be a jerkface, or just think the world belongs to you,  please leave me alone.   Don't steal from me, don't disrespect me, don't be an idiot,  just take a deep breathe and relax.   I vow to do the same.

Have a great day.

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Anonymous said...

Twisting my ankle while mowing the yard? Knew I should have gone for a ride instead... am glad ya'll didn't get back to the truck while the "event" was taking place!