Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Become.....

....what you are focused on.

I realized that I have spent a lot of time lately focusing certain things.  Processing them like I do to try to figure them out.  This brain needs a break.  I am going to attempt to resolve the issues and move on, move out from under this cloud and continue to enjoy my life. 

Jubal put things in perspective on Sunday when I was calmly (on the outside) cleaning glass off of the truck seat.  He said"  Daddy, I have good news and bad news".  I forced myself to stop what I was doing.  After all, I would never experience this moment again.  I looked at him and asked " What is it?".  He said " The good news is, we saw a frog,  the bad news is, the window got busted".  

I smiled.   I looked at him and said" Jubal, I like hanging out with you, you make me laugh".  He said " I like hanging out with you,  you make me laugh and smile!!".  

We must be doing something right!

Have a great day.

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sirenbicycles said...

Way to be in the moment.