Tuesday, January 31, 2012


 Sunday morning I met Kevin at 9am to ride and get home so I could have time to spend with the family.  After spending most of the day at the Bracken Mountain Trail Project, the day before, running the chainsaw for 4 hrs, I was wiped out.    We wanted to ride up to Craggy Gardens but with my legs feeling dead, we changed our plans and headed down Ox Creek and up Heron Cove Rd.
 Temps when we started were near 30 degrees, but with some Hicappie gloves that I bought at Liberty Bikes, my hands were warm.  I have not bought a pair of decent gloves in 6 yrs,  it makes a difference.

Up and over, around the mountains, we talked about how nice it is to be riding outside today instead of on rollers.  It was a great day, but when I got home, I was wiped.  I ate some food, got  a shower, then headed back out for a walk in the woods with the wife and kid.  

4 months to go until she finishes nursing school.  I'm worn out and beat down as much as she and her study buddies are.  We are all tired of studying,  but its a goal that was only a dream a couple of years ago, she is so close and we are both so excited.  

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