Sunday, January 01, 2012


New Year's Eve found me out on Farlow Gap and Cove Creek Trails ripping it up with some good friends.  We ripped on each other a good bit as well, but everyone made it through.   There were lots of firsts on this ride.  First mellow winter for the yankees, first time on these trails for Nolan etc.

For me this ride will live long in my dreams and give me confidence to add to my repertoire. 

I have not been the most techy rider in the past.  In fact, I am pretty sure that I lose a ton of spots on downhills and corners.  This fall, I decided to do something about that and work on those two skills.   Nolan gave me a really good tip for cornering, which turned out to be the missing link for me.  He said, " poop over a cliff".   It works!

Then I set up my hardtail 26" trek single speed with a rigid fork and have been riding that all over Pisgah.  Forcing me to watch my technique and move around on the bike more,  loosening up my arms and putting more weight on my feet. 

For a personal victory, I stayed on the bike for more of Farlow than I ever have before.  It doesn't matter how much, or how far I made it.  I'm not comparing myself to others,  I just relish the fact that I improved in an area that I never thought I would!! 

Happy New Year!!

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Rick said...

I rode at Dupont today. There weren't any cliffs really, but I pretended to poop off the side of the trail. It worked really well, too. Great tip actually.