Monday, January 16, 2012

Bakery Ride Loop

 Kevin and I took a little spin around the Leicester area on Sunday.  The temps were in the mid 40's, the wind was blowing and the sun was hot.  We were both a little bit overdressed.  But I think that was better than underdressed on a day like this. 

We had some great views of the surrounding mountains, covered in snow.  Mt Mitchell, Max Patch and Roan, among others were all clearly visible.
 After winding around the ridges and dipping into the valleys, we passed through Marshal, hoping for a tailwind.....not to happen,  we occasionally felt a gust from the rear, but we were mostly pushing against the wind.   The last 15 miles were a grind, but it felt good to break the 3hr mark for the first time in 2012,  and at a higher pace than I thought I could maintain.
In the last 10 miles, I used my last swig of water to wash down a Honey Stinger gel, and got a good burst of energy that lasted until I got home.

It was great trading pulls with Kevin,  the dude is strong and getting stronger., braaap.

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