Saturday, January 21, 2012

Night Ride Recovery Ride

The Thursday night Bent Creek CX ride has sort of fizzled.  Only two die hard members left,  I think that neither one of us had missed a ride since it started at the end of last year.   The temps were cool and cooling, cold again by the time we got back home.  The roads were a bit soft in some areas, but as we got higher, they were freezing and made rolling smoother and faster.  Kevin and I rolled around chatting and then commented that we felt like we were going fast.  When I got home and checked the time, we it turns out we had been going faster, than previous times, not by much but definitely faster,  and I didn't feel as depleted either.  

Friday was time for a recovery ride.  I headed out to Black Mtn and up Hwy 9 to the Eastern Continental Divide.  I could see clouds building up behind the Black Mountain Range and spilling over into the Swannanoa Valley.

I turned and rolled back down the hill into town and to Dynamite Roasting Co.for a cup of coffee and a scone,  my metabolism is kicking and I was hungry...

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