Friday, January 06, 2012

Night Ride

The sun was just dipping over the horizon when we rolled down the parkway to Bent Creek.  The moon hung overhead and was brightly shining in the clear winter sky.   The temps had gotten close to 50 today and were going to drop to 30 in the next 3 hrs.  I felt a little overdressed at the start, but almost 3 hrs later when I got home, my fingers and toes were getting a little numb.

I met Kevin at Liberty then we picked Eric up at Rice Pinnacle.  We rode a fairly easy pace which was nice,  after yesterday's 2 ish hour run, I was not feeling fast. 

There is still some snow leftover from earlier this week, in the contours that are tucked back into the mountain where the sun doesn't quite reach this time of year. 

I rode home to find home made pizza waiting for me, it doesn't get much better!

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