Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I ran out of coffee....I had enough for 2 cups, to last me all day.  Normally when I run out of coffee, I go to the store and get some more.   Not today, I was on house arrest.  The kid on the couch with a fever, and the wife at clinicals.  So I suffered, I endured and I'm alive to tell about it. 

After sitting around the house all day, taking care of the kid, the wife got home around 4:30pm and I went out the door with my running shoes on. Cloudy with a  chance of rain, the skies already darkening, I ran up the road and onto the trail.  The wind was howling through the tops of the trees and I was feeling freedom.  The kind of freedom that comes after a long and stressful period in life, when things finally start to take a turn and there is the expected, the hoped for light at the end of the tunnel. 

I ran a steady but mellow pace.  Letting my mind drift around the universe of my brain.  My thoughts lingered on bikepacking, and planning another Pisgah Traverse this spring. 

Around, up and over the mountain, back down and heading home.  Sunset at 5:42pm.  It was getting dim, and I was in no hurry.  I passed several other runners on the trail,  I knew 5 of them. It was  great to stop briefly and chat with a few I had not seen in a while. 

 An hour and fifteen minutes later, I was back at home.  After a shower and egg/potato burritos, I went to the store to get more coffee. 

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