Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Big Day

My kid rocks!
 For the first time ever, in  my history of home ownership,  someone else cut my grass!  The kid asked and I obliged.  He did a great job too,  pushing the crappy old heavy lawnmower around.  Possible incentive to get a newer one that might be  a little lighter.  He asked when he could use the weed eater...

 We got an invite to join Avery  Creek Elementary Bike Club for their monthly Tuesday ride.  I had met with Avery about 1 yr ago to talk about the possibilities of starting the club.  I gave her all the info I had and basically told her to go for it.  She and her husband had 40 kids turn up for their first club.  I am so proud of them for committing to the club and getting it done.  So many kid's lives will be affected in so many ways!
The kids loved the Bookwalters!
We were surprised with a visit from Jamie and Brent Bookwalter.  A super down to earth couple that took time out of a busy schedule to ride with kids.   Much respect! In fact, I respect anyone who take time out of their schedule to help improve a kid's life.

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A Jones said...

I agree whole-heartedly! Sincerely appreciate and admire those willing to invest in our kids. Thanks for all you do.

PS - perhaps I should encourage T to follow kid's lead ;)