Thursday, August 08, 2013

Siren John Henry

I'm having a blast on my Siren John Henry.   I knew that when I made the purchase I was getting a quality, hand built in the USA product.   What I didn't know is how versatile this bike would end up being.  If you are looking for a dedicated steep frame mountain bike, with the option of going geared or single speed,  this is it.  If you are looking for a bike that can be a dedicated touring/bikepacking bike,  this is it.  Do you want a commuter/ gravel road grinder?  Put some semi slicks on it and this is your bike. 

I bought the bike with the intention of loading my bags on it and using it as my bikepacking bike.  But after recently riding the 400 ish mile Alleghany Mountains Loop,  I took the bags off and am using it as another training bike.  I have it set up exactly like my race bike so training on this bike should transfer quite well. 

The bike is stable and smooth.  Carving around the gravel turns in Bent Creek, the bike glides around and works with me rather than working me. 
Brendan did an excellent job on the build and I look forward to riding this for a long time.  The bike is simply fun.  Stiff enough to get up and go, but flexy enough that I don't feel beat up at the end of the ride. In fact, I usually want to keep riding. 

I upgraded to 2x9 and look forward to going up to 2x10 asap.  

I'm considering a front 80mm shock to help with really rough terrain,  but am undecided. 

The bottom line is the ride makes me smile, and if you are looking for a sweet, versatile, handbuilt in the USA,  I recommend this one!

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