Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun Family Weekend

 We had a fun filled weekend that saw us spending lots of time together.  No long, solo mountain bike rides in the woods, but I could not be more happy.  I love my family and they love me!   We started out with a trip to the Hendersonville Bike Park.  The kid and I had gotten skunked earlier in the week with some bad intel, so we were excited to see the sun out. 

The park is nothing less than rad.  There were kids from 2 yrs old to 40 yrs old out there trying new stuff, working on skills and having a blast.  I recommend it for anyone of any skill level.

After riding we were hungry so we stopped by Harry's and Piggy's for some BBQ and corn nuggets.  I went with the special of the day and had enough left over to take some home,  hmmm, lunch today!
 Of course we had to take some photos by all of the crazy statues!
 I got out for into the woods for a little while, and found some really cool wildlife tracks.  Two different species enjoying the same woods!
 And picked up a hitchhiker...
 Sunday was the big day.  The kid had made plans to head to the grandparent's for a whole week.  Pretty awesome.  We went for a little hike/run together before heading out. I was hoping for a little bit of time together before he left and was happy to have some fun with him. Such a cool kid. 

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