Monday, August 05, 2013

Fun Filled Weekend

 Saturday Mike Keeley came up from Shelby and wanted to ride some gravel on his brand new carbon fiber cx bike.  I posted an invite on Facebook and Andrew McKinney joined us for a social paced ride around Bent Creek.  Mike is considering Monster Cross and I think he should go for it. 

We rolled around the big gravel loop chatting about life and such just enjoying the easy pace and the company. 
 As we were crossing the French Broad River on the way back to Starbucks,  I rode through some glass shattered on the road. Sure enough, about a mile later Andrew commented that my rear tire looked flat.  About the same time I could feel the sag.   I borrowed Mike's pump and pumped it up, hoping it was a slow enough leak that I could make it the 3 miles.  I made it to about 1 mile out, and stopped to put a little more air in.  I had picked the pace up a little and it hurt.
  Rounding the clover leaf to enter Hendersonville Rd,  it was pretty low again, and by the time I road through the parking lot, it was done.   Thanks Liberty Bikes for getting me set up with a new tube! 

Bearwallow Mountain
 Sunday, we took a family hike and lunch up to Bearwallow Mtn.  We had never been there before and plan on going back.  Fairly close to home and a short 1 mile hike up a rugged trail, trees open up on top to a huge bald, complete with cattle, (I don't think they were lowing). 

We hike up.  So lush in the woods, ferns and all kinds of other plants that I can't name.   The kid did some rock jumping.  We hung out on top not wanting to leave, but eventually, nap time called and the wife needed to get home.  So we headed down. 
Cool tree
 At one point, the kid started running down the trail.  I had just asked him a couple of days ago if he wanted to do some trail running together.  At the time he was not so sure what that involved and was not too keen on the idea.  But today,  I cinched up the backpack and took off after him.  We laughed and ran  As we rounded the last switchback with me in the lead, he jumped across the last little bit to cut me off and took the win.  Breakthrough moment.  He said he wants to do some more trail running.  Love it!!
Let's run!

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