Friday, August 09, 2013

Thursday Night

half of the A group,  looks like Justin Bieber on the left.... ;)
 It looked like it was going to be a dry ride until we rolled out and the sky go dark with some thick gray rain clouds.

I rode into Liberty a little early and felt like my saddle was too low.  I quickly measured and found that according to that measurment, the saddle appeared to have slipped 2 cm.  I made the adjustment and headed out with the group.  I knew right away that the saddle was now way too high.  I could not figure out what was going on.  I ended up stopping several times during the ride to lower it a little bit, but could not get it right.  Close to the end of the ride, my legs gave out from being overstreched for 2 hours,  I crawled back home.

Once I got home I measured again and found that it was still 1 cm high.  That's when it dawned on me that my tape measure starts at the tip and the one I borrow has a blank space before the the start,  about 2 cm of blank space....
Where is Kevin Hessler?

The A and B groups split up pretty good tonight.  Kevin rolled off with the A and then waited for us at the first stoplight,  letting the A's go on to hammer.   I'm gonna ride with the A's at least once this summer....
We had several strong riders, new to this group ride, who did not have experience riding in a group/paceline.  It was cool to be able to share the skill and practice some.  The guys seemed to catch on pretty quick and we were able to pull off a rotating paceline several times.

A couple of folks got separated at different points during the ride.  We stopped to wait and even road backwards to look for them.  Sorry we lost you,  I hope you made it home in time for dinner!

And to top off another great day,  I got another piece of blue for the John Henry.  Next on the list, blue Salsa quick releases. !  And then quite possibly some blue hubs?  This is after all, my main adventure bike.

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