Friday, May 02, 2014


The whole group rolled out together again.  There must have been 25-30 of us.  Suddenly, a late arrival pulled up.  Sam and I and another guy waited while the group rolled on.  Kevin held the group back and we caught on just before we dropped down the parkway for the climb up the the I-26 bridge.  We held a steady pace up the climb.  I enjoyed the scenery and wondered if someone would attack.  No one did.  Down the other side, and onto 191,  the group barely stopped.  

Well, here goes.  Still holding a steady but high pace.  Winding up along the river,  I was feeling tired.  It had been a busy day,  a good day though,  I got a lot accomplished.

My goal again was to simply hang with the group as long as I could. 

As usual,  I got dropped on the first steep grunt climb.  I'm going to have to work on that,  not sure how though.  The group was bigger so a couple of others got dropped as well and we motored on, catching the group at the stoplight. 

And that  is how the ride went for me.  Hang with the group,  fall off the back, dangle,  catch back on.  I didn't really get dropped hard until the end of the ride.  I quit trying to ride that pace,  the legs simply would not give any more. 

Fortunately for me, about 5 other were also off the back.  When we turned onto Hendersonville Rd,  to head home, the head wind was horrendous.  It felt like it was blowing about 20mph.  We ground our way back and each headed to our own destinations.

Another day, another ride.


Dave said...

I'm that way every spring.

But come July...

GARY said...

What a great turn out of bike riders for the day. Its always great to bike with a few good friends.

Ernest Garrett said...

Wonderful riding day Stephen. It seems you worked hard there though also like your riding. Actually, I love road bike riding but don't know how to ride. After reading your post I feel enjoyed so much. Thanks for sharing.

Bike Rider said...

Nice photos!! Awesome riding time Stephen,If i could get chance i will also try !!