Thursday, May 01, 2014

Single Speedn'

 I did a big loop out at Bent Creek.  Grinding the gravel roads on the single speed.   I have backed off my SS time and it appears to be making a difference.  My legs are definitely feeling fresher (not faster yet) on a daily basis. 

The was a slight chill in the thick humid air.  Everthing was soaked from the past several days of rainstorms.  The forest canopy is coming in nicely and the leaves are bright green.  I theorized as I rode that the shade and coolness of the forest would be noticeably different than past years, due to the healthier and thicker canopy.  Just a theory,  it would be nice if were cooler at ORAMM!
At some point during the ride, I began to focus more on body position than on going forward.  After working on this for a while,  it seemed that I started to work with the bike instead of pushing the bike.  I love that feeling when everything clicks.   That feeling where it is time to turn and head back to the parking lot, but I feel like I could take one more trail,  stay out just a little longer.   And today that is just what I did.  I stayed out, just a little longer. 

I've been trying to decide if I should enter the P111K or the P55K,  I know which one I want to do,  just not sure I'm ready for that many miles.  I can always bail, but I don't like to plan for a DNF.  At the same time, it has been a while since I took on a challenge that I was not sure I was going to finish.   Spending all day in the woods with friends might just be what I need. 

Either way, it will be  a fun time!! 

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