Thursday, May 08, 2014

Thursday Night

Tony Zaffino grins....

 We rolled out tonight, a group of about 25.  It was great to see Cara Applegate and Jane Burlew mixing it up.  I don't mind being schooled by a couple of fast women.

The group was riding a moderate pace,  I would be able to hang on if this kept up.

The wind was blowing clouds of pollen and I felt as if I had pink eye.  Itchy, scratchy chunks of the stuff.  But if that was the worst thing that happened, I have nothing to complain about.  Blue skies, temps in the low 80's and bikes!!  It was a great evening for a ride.

I managed to hang on up the grunt climb on Ledbetter to Glenn Bridge Rd where we slowed to an almost stop at the 4 way.  We made the turn and as a group pedaled up the road.  Suddenly a dude in a full sized pick up truck hit the gas and passed all of us,  definitely exceeding the speed limit, over a double yellow on a blind curve.    Wow,  we made comments as usual.  Then the unexpected happened.

We heard the "Woop Woop" of a law enforcement vehicle and a Buncombe County Sherrif's Deputy passed us, lights flashing in hot pursuit.  I let out a yell of encouragement and pumped my fist in the air.  We saw the guy up the road, pulled over.  Thanks Buncombe County Sherrif's Dept for taking care of us!! 

The rest of the ride was a mix of high speed and recovery pace. The Youngblood Bikes team spent some time on the front upping the pace.  Tay Little always does a pull or two (or more, I'm not really counting).  I spent  a little bit of time on the front.  Kevin Hessler complemented me on that and it made me happy.  I always like to contribute if I can.   I don't understand how some people can suck wheels all day.  Are they doing it on purpose?  Or do they simply not know that they are welcome to take a turn at the front?  Don't know.  I would rather do my part and get dropped than to never go to the front. Not a big deal really,  just a thought.

It was another great night of riding,  great to see familiar faces and some new ones.  Can't wait until next week!

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