Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Kitsuma for Breakfast

 I got out for a short Kitsuma/Star Gap ride in the morning.  The forest lush, and the temps not yet hot.  Pretty much perfect conditions.  Fun ride!  I wanted to keep going and do the whole Jerdon Mtn loop, but I didn't bring enough food with me.  I think I could have made it, but that last climb from Old Fort up the greenway would have been rough. 
 This was encouraging.  It is always a good sign to be wanting more and feeling like riding more on top of that.  I'll have to save it for another day.  Too much going on still.  I do feel a long ride coming up in the next couple of months.  Time for some saddle time without the pressure of getting back home to get stuff done.
This is an amazing place we live in, and I don't aim to take it for granted!

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