Thursday, May 22, 2014

More Training

Another good result from the DNF at the P111K is that it got me motivated.  I'm finding time to train where I made excuses before.   I'm signed up for ORAMM and lack of training will not stop me from finishing. 

I squeezed in time to ride the Jerdon Mountain Challenge loop.  I wanted to see how long it would take me at a slow and steady pace.  My legs were tired from the weekend and now riding 3 days in a row.  (wow, I know, 3 days, 3 rides!!). 

So, I headed up Kitsuma, and down the other side,  meandering, cruising.  I saw a lizard scurry off the trail.  The wind was howling as if a storm was blowing in, but there were hardly any clouds.  Temps in the upper 70's, everything was awesome. 

A chipmunk scurried across the trail and I greeted him,  he didn't respond.  I went around a bend and down and there 15 yrds in front of me, trotting along the trail was a full sized coyote.  That really made my day and made me smile.   It ran in front of me for about 40 yards then darted up through the rhododendron. 

I made my way slowly up the pavement to Lower Heartbreak then up and over Star Gap.  Onto Jarret's Creek Rd, I was still feeling good and I was maintaining my slow and steady pace. 

The gravel road was fast and it took a bit longer than I remembered, but I finally got to Curtis Creek.  Only the pavement grind remained, with the last climb up Point Lookout Trail.  At the bottom of the trail I came across some motorcycle tourists, who thought Old 70 would be open to ride.  I directed them to Mill Creek Rd and then headed up.  My legs were dead tired.  It was getting warm now, mid 80's and the wind was still howling.  I spun my way up and was glad to see the truck. 

Exactly 3 hrs.  That's what it used to take me on my training rides 4 yrs ago, the last time I attempted ORAMM.   That's good to know. 

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