Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WN Precison Fit

I took a drive through N Georgia to meet up with Eddie O'dea.  This is my 4th WN Precision bike fit and I'm sold on it.  Each time I try to set the bike up, it feels   just a little bit off.  But when Eddie lays eyes on me and the bike and uses their programming and know how to process my body measurements, the bike fits like a glove.  People tend to make comments about how they could not do the fit, because they lack flexibility. 

As I was driving down Hwy 441 south, an unexpected flood of emotions and good memories came back to me.  I went to college in Toccoa, just a few miles off of 441, and roamed the N Ga mountains on a daily basis. 

I thought about hiking the Tallulah gorge, canoeing the Tallulah, canoeing and backpacking the Chattooga,  hanging out with friends, camping in the snow, little falls, big falls.  Too many memories to write. 

It felt like a cleansing of sorts.  Letting go of the things that had dragged me down and eaten me on the inside for a long time.  Letting go of something unexplainable and enjoying my surroundings.  Enjoying who I am and where I am in life. 

It was a welcome and refreshing surprise.

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