Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lawn Ornament

Last night I helped a Kurt move. The funny thing is that Kurt was not even there. How he worked that out I don't know but I need to take some lessons. So another friend and I loaded up the truck. The other friend will drive the truck up to PA where Kurt is. It was a fairly easy loading process, and lots of jokes were made about selling Kurt's stuff on E-bay.
Kurt had left this bike at his house and he gave it to me. It is a 1953 JC Higgins. (click the link to see one fully restored).
So, now, thanks to Kurt, I have an antique lawn ornament.

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On the way out to Gerton, where Kurt lived, I passed a girl on a mtn bike, loaded down with supplies, headed towards Asheville. I stopped and chatted for a few minutes. It turns out that she is riding around the world!!!
She asked for a ride, but I was on a mission. On the way back home, I kept an eye out for her. I got off on the exit that leads to my house and there she was, looking at a map. So, I stopped to make sure she knew where she was going. Having ridden across the country myself, I could empathize with riding a bike across a new city. I ended up giving her a ride across town to a friend's house off of Merrimon. It would have been a long ride. Her web-site is . She leads a simple life. Riding from place to place. Pitching her tent behind churches. She said she likes churches the best because they have lots of room. She also mentioned that she felt like we were speeding in the truck, even though we were only going 35 mph.
Have a great trip Tanja!!
Have a great day.

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