Thursday, November 20, 2008

Feeling Better

Quite a bit better today. Two things learned, don't run when it is 21 degrees, and take half a dose of cold medicine.

I ran a couple of days ago, before work, and while it was exhilarating, I believe that it broke down my immune system.
Stress is another thing that breaks down the immune system. I can usually track 2-3 days back from when I am sick,and remember a more than normal stressful event that occurred. In this case it was the break-in.

So I took the full dose of cold meds and immediately felt nauseous. I did it again 4 hrs later and remembered that I usually take half a dose. oops.

I seem to be feeling better this morning, I can't wait to start riding again.

We are looking at getting some motion detector lights installed around our house. I will do and have done a lot of projects around the house, but electric work is one thing that I really don't feel comfortable doing. The whole possibility of electrical shock or fire is a little bit intimidating. So, I'll have to figure out what to do there!! Do you know a good electrician?

Have a great day.