Sunday, November 16, 2008


The sermon was about earthly possessions. How fleeting they are, how we should not cling to them. They are only possessions, things that we cannot take with us when we go. There are more important things to cling to, to strive for. And how we should not fret when the bank account runs low. God never promises to give us what we want, only what we need. I have to say, I have everything I need, and a whole lot more.

I do struggle though, when the bank account runs low. I like to be in control, if something is broken, I like to find a way to fix it. It is hard for me to be satisfied with just OK. As far as earthly possessions, I have things that I like, that I take care of, but some of those things were gone the next time I came home, or if all of them were gone, I am aware that they are replaceable. ( even my entire collection of Louis L'amour western novels ).

Rhonda was at work when Jubal and I got home today. The first thing I noticed was the yoga ball that we use as a desk chair was in the kitchen. The next thing was the little 2" X 3" box sitting on the desk in front of the keyboard, it was not there when we left. I looked around the house. There was a shirt on the floor that had not been there before, one arm warmer moved, a sock out of place. A whole lot of little things that indicated someone had been there, uninvited.

With that burning sinking feeling in my stomach I called Rhonda at work to see if she had been home. She had not. I found a couple of things missing: a flashlight, the camera, mp3 player. I called the Sheriff's Dept and the deputy came. He looked around, there was not much he could do. He was very nice and seemed frustrated that there was not more that he could do. I gave him the list of missing items and their description. He thought that they must have gotten in the front door somehow. I suspect the old credit card method.

After he left, Jubal and I went to the park. It was cold but sunny. He told me that the police know everybody and that they will get the mean people who took our stuff.

I don't care about the $500 worth of stuff that I don't have anymore. ( I might be a bit more upset if my bikes were gone, I don't know). I upset because someone came into my house, with out invitation. That's what is frustrating about this.

We'll probably, never know what happened, how, who etc. We just know that it did.

So, here is to a new day. Moving on. Not being a slave to fear. And continuing to love my neighbors.

Have a great day.


Ask Asheville North Carolina said...

Sorry about the situation Janes.

Eddie Christy said...

Geesh. I hate that happened, man. It's terrible feeling like your family isn't in a 100% secure place.

Although my dog would never bite anyone, her bark makes her sound like she would take someone's head off. That works pretty well for burglary prevention.

Butch Greene said...

sounds like neighborhood kids to me. I'd ask the neighbors which kids have been to juvie. Probably not meth heads, they take real valuables. That list sounds like stuff you steal to keep.

Kids don't think pawn shop..just "sweet" and "mine now". Seriously ask around b/c somebody near you has a parent trying to figure out if his kid really did "trade Teddy his game boy for an i-pod".

Northstar Bikes said...

Sorry to hear about this, Stephen. Glad to hear, though, that the bikes were left alone!

Duckman said...

That's a baaad feeling to have for sure. Sorry that it happened to y'all.

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